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Savelugu Girls Education Project

Northern Ghana

Here in Vancouver, girls and boys both typically have equal access to education. In Ghana, this is not the case.

In a region like Northern Ghana, poverty is rampant and high school is out of reach for most families due to expensive school fees.  If families are somehow able to find enough to send one child to school, they will usually choose a boy since girls are valued for their labour in the home.  While girls in Northern Ghana stay back to fetch water, firewood, wash dishes, and sell farm products in the market, their brothers will be furthering their eduction.  Consequently, girls in Northern Ghana are generally left out of the decision making process and are often forced into early marriage. 

By purchasing Karma Exchange partners below, you are helping to support the Savelugu Girls Education Project which supports girls attending Savelugu Senior High School with school fees and supplies.  The chance at an education will completely change a girls' life.   Today, put your money where your heart is and witness your purchase have a difference